Weekly Prayer Guide
Special Need
for our country and the great divide that presently exists
- Linda Keene (in an ICU in Jacksonville, NC)
General Needs
- Remember those who are still being affected by the coronavirus and those of our fellowship who have been
    housebound; Beck Dodd, Alice Gardner, Willard & Jeanette Byrd, W C & Shirley Lee, Dot Johnson,
    Kay Barbour, Judy & Braxton Duncan & Ann Cayton, Ms. Gerald Stanley 
- Continue to remember our students & teachers (and parents) as they continue to deal with having to do 
    school work virtually
Individual Needs
- Norman Dunn (recovering at home following knee replacement)
- Pat Stanley (dealing with a lot of shoulder pain)
- Laura Fite (meets with doctors at UNC to address her how to deal with Stage IV liver failure)
- W C & Ms Shirley Lee (ongoing health issues)
- Lolita Dunn (respiratory issues)
Extended Needs
- Jeannette Blackmon's Mother (rebroke her feet)
- Robbie Taylor's Mother, Ms Phyllis (struggling with chemo treatments)
- Susan Allen's Sister (has had lung surgery to remove cancer)
- Jeannette Blackmon's Mother, Linda Matthews (home recovering from hip surgery)
- Kim Bryant's Cousin's Husband (in serious condition following a motorcycle accident)
- Joy Adam's Daughter, Teresa (multiple health issues)
- Lydia Stanley's Grandfather, Mark Allen (is home but still needs our prayers)
- Wayne Parker's Uncle, Jerry Johnson (dealing with cancer)
- Pat Stanley's Brother, Danny Turnage (dealing with cancer)
- Randall Jackson's Brother, Ricky (dealing with cirrhosis of the liver)
- Ms Geraldine Stanly's Granddaughter, Karen (dealing with Lupus)
Please remember the family of:
Pastor William Morgan of Lees Union (died 10-12-20)


Continue to pray for for one another, and for our leaders and all the tough decisions they have to make! 
If anyone has a need, please call the pastor or one of the deacons.

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