Weekly Prayer Guide
Special Need
- Pray for our country and the great divide that continues to exist
- Pray for Pam Tripp, Chris Vann & Regina Gainey as they go on a short-term mission trip to the Middle East
- Pray for all our students & teachers as they resuming in-school teaching
- Johnny Beasley (been diagnosed with spinal stenosis which will require surgery) 
General Needs
- Remember those our fellowship who remain housebound; Beck Dodd, Alice Gardner, Willard & Jeanette Byrd,
    W C & Shirley Lee, Dot Johnson, Kay Barbour, Judy & Braxton Duncan & Ann Cayton,
    Ms. Gerald Stanley, Royie & Pauline Massengill
Individual Needs
- Dennis Eason (assisting with Red Cross needs in Texas)
- W C & Ms Shirley Lee (ongoing health issues, but doing as good as can be expected)
- Lolita Dunn (had a fall and is pretty bruised up)
Extended Needs
- Noah Higgins' Father (health concerns)
- Cindy Harper's Mother, Ms Audrey (back in Dowling Park on her own)
- Carol Parker's Friend, David Allen (abdominal concerns)
- David Carter's Father, James (found spots on his lungs)
- Denise Stancil's Grandmother (has gone home with hospice care)
- Susie Allen's Sister, Rebecca Young (struggling with lung cancer)
- Jennifer Eason's Aunt, May Carpenter (has terminal cancer)
- Robbie Taylor's Mother, Ms Phyllis (has decided no more treatments for now)
- Harold Corbitt, dear friend of the Taylor's (recovering from a stroke)
- Kim Bryant's Cousin's Husband (recovering from a motorcycle accident)
- Joy Adam's Daughter, Teresa (multiple health issues)
- Wayne Parker's Uncle, Jerry Johnson (dealing with cancer)
- Pat Stanley's Brother, Danny Turnage (dealing with cancer)
- Randall Jackson's Brother, Ricky (dealing with cirrhosis of the liver)
- Ms Geraldine Stanley's Granddaughter, Karen (dealing with Lupus)
- Mike Godwin, Friend of Pam & Danny Paul Tripp (undergoing treatments for sinus cancer)
- JoAnn Lee's Sister, Elaine Leggett (in ICU with Covid)
Please remember the families of Danny Ryals & Horace Lee (Kim Byrant's Uncle)
Praise & Thanksgiving
- Carol Parker (has improved greatly with her pneumonia)
- Laura Fite (is now home, but continues to need our prayers)
- Ann Cayton (doing much better following Covid)
- Braxton & Judy Duncan (are both doing well following Covid)
Continue to pray for for one another, and for our leaders and all the tough decisions they have to make! 
If anyone has a need, please call the pastor or one of the deacons.

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