Weekly Prayer Guide
Special Need
for our country and the great divide that presently exists
- Laura Fite (she is now recovering from a liver transplant)
General Needs
- Remember those who are still being affected by the coronavirus and those of our fellowship who have been
    housebound; Beck Dodd, Alice Gardner, Willard & Jeanette Byrd, W C & Shirley Lee, Dot Johnson,
    Kay Barbour, Judy & Braxton Duncan & Ann Cayton, Ms. Gerald Stanley, Royie & Pauline Massengill 
- Continue to remember our students & teachers (and parents) as they go back to school or continue to do
    school work virtually
Individual Needs
- Pat Stanley (dealing with a lot of shoulder pain)
- W C & Ms Shirley Lee (ongoing health issues)
- Lolita Dunn (respiratory issues)
Extended Needs
- Jeannette Blackmon's Mother (rebroke her feet), and her cousin's son, Bailey Rhodes (in a serious car accident)
- Robbie Taylor's Mother, Ms Phyllis (struggling with chemo treatments)
- Susan Allen's Sister (has had lung surgery to remove cancer)
- Jeannette Blackmon's Mother, Linda Matthews (home recovering from hip surgery)
- Kim Bryant's Cousin's Husband (in serious condition following a motorcycle accident)
- Joy Adam's Daughter, Teresa (multiple health issues)
- Lydia Stanley's Grandfather, Mark Allen (is home but still needs our prayers)
- Wayne Parker's Uncle, Jerry Johnson (dealing with cancer)
- Pat Stanley's Brother, Danny Turnage (dealing with cancer)
- Randall Jackson's Brother, Ricky (dealing with cirrhosis of the liver)
- Ms Geraldine Stanly's Granddaughter, Karen (dealing with Lupus)
- Mike Godwin, Friend of Pam & Danny Paul Tripp (inoperable sinus cancer)
Please remember the family of:
- Linda Keene
Praise & Thanksgiving
- Laura Fite has finally received her new liver


Continue to pray for for one another, and for our leaders and all the tough decisions they have to make! 
If anyone has a need, please call the pastor or one of the deacons.

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