Weekly Prayer Guide


Special Need
           - There has had an outbreak of Covid 19 at the Advent Christian Village
           - Brickie Allen (having eye surgery on both eyes)
General Needs
- Remember those who are still being affected by the coronavirus
- Remember our First Responders and Medical Personnel who potentially expose themselves to the virus
- Remember those of our church fellowship who remain housebound;
     Beck Dodd, Alice Gardner, Willard & Jeanette Byrd, Lolita Dunn, W C & Shirley Lee,
        Braxton & Judy Duncan,  Ann Cayton, Dot Johnson, Kay Barbour, Geraldine Stanley
Remember our students & teachers who are endeavoring to do schoolwork virtually
Individual Needs

          - Eli Dunn  (dealing with a bad case of poison ivy)

           - Ricky Parker (dealing with kidney stones)

           - Norman Dunn (is in need a knee surgery)

          Carol Parker (lower back issues)

- W C & Ms Shirley Lee (nagging health issues)
- Linda Keene (in a nursing home in Jacksonville, NC)
- Willard & Jeanette Byrd (multiple health issues)
- Lolita Dunn (respiratory issues)
Extended Needs
- Friend of the Chris Boykin, Jason Dean (has been seriously ill from the coronavirus)
- Joy Adam's Daughter, Teresa (multiple health issues)
- Lydia Stanley's Grandfather, Mark Allen (is in a specialty rehab in Rocky Mount) 
- Gordan Jackson's Sister (undergoing physical therapy following her knee surgery)
- Robbie Taylor's Mother, Ms. Phyllis (undergoing cancer treatments)
- Jeannette Blackmon's Mother (undergoing physical therapy for a broken foot)
- Becky Blackmon's Daughter, Laura (awaiting results of extensive testing)
- Ann Allen ​(dealing with her cancer)
- Randall Jackson's Brother, Ricky (cirrhosis of the liver)
- Geraldine Stanley's Granddaughter, Karen (diagnosed with lupus)
- Wayne Parker's Uncle, Jerry (dealing with cancer)
- Pat Stanley's Brother, Danny (dealing with cancer)
- Thomas Blackmon (dealing with Parkinson's) and wife, Sadie (vertigo)
- Pastor William Morgan of Lees Union (awaiting heart transplant)
Remember the mother and family of the two children lost in the flood last week,
           and all those involved with the rescue.


Continue to pray for for one another, and for our leaders and all the tough decisions they have to make! 
If anyone has a need, please call the pastor or one of the deacons.

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